Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Status and TV habits

Well, I have made some serious progress with the germination station, and I hope to get it all put together sometime this week.  I did a full integration test and got all the major systems working outside.  I want to add some sort of real time monitoring but getting a USB cable through a sliding glass door is going to be difficult.

Here is an interesting breakdown of what and how I watch my TV.

Family Time:) Noelle and I watch Amazing Race on CBS.
Chuck, Heroes and Big Bang Theory.
Chuck/Heroes sometimes live, but most of the time on Hulu.
Big Bang Theory:  CBS is a bunch of idiots, and they have not gotten on the Web TV train yet.  They post 3, 2 minute clips from a 22 minute episode, so I bitorent this one.
24, but I am going to wait until it is all done then watch it on Hulu or bittorrent the whole season.

Noelle watches AI, but I usuallly sit on the couch with the laptop messing around.
Fringe a week or 2 later on Hulu.

Again, Noelle watches AI, but I usuallly sit on the couch with the laptop messing around.
Lost but same as 24.(no Hulu option)

The Office, 30 Rock on Hulu(usually fri/sat) bt CSI

Watch BSG and Dollhouse live unless we go out then watch them on Hulu.


Catch up on shows I missed during the week.

The Mentalist, Psych(USA) and BurnNotice(USA).  Don't know what nights they are on, but I Hulu and bittorrent the Mentalist.

I really like time shifting.  It is really good for the summer to find a show that you liked but missed a bunch of episodes.  Late Spring additions: Reaper, Eureka, and maybe BBC Robinhood.  It may seem like a lot but once you take out all the comercials, you reduce the length by a third.

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