Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, it has been a heck of a month. Noelle went to HH(Hilton Head) for a staff retreat so I got the house to myself for the weekend of the 8th. Guess what happens when she leaves me alone? I go out and tear my ACL playing football, nice. So I was a total bum and did not get anything done on our house, and I spent the rest of the weekend laying on the couch playing WoW. Now I have to prepare for the surgery on the 18th of October so that is going to be fun. The Doc said 2-weeks on crutches and 4 weeks til biking and 4 months till running and ~12 months until contact sports.

Well My Guild in WoW is great, Darkside of Death.
On the weekend that I hurt my knee I was able to run some of the raid instances with the Guild and that was pretty cool.

This Section is to the Members of DoD.
Noldor's Thoughts/Improvements (Please take everything I say with a grain of Salt)

A. It would be cool to have a forum site so that we could post topics to discuss, kind of like some of the things that will follow.

B. I think the Moonkin Looting System is pretty good.
Here are some tweaks:
Some people have mentioned the idea on Choosing how much CP they want to roll
i.e. Dazzed has 60 but he does not want to risk all of it.
The solution that I would suggest is that members can choose how much they want to roll but it has to be at least 50% of their accrued CP.
Hunter example:

Ellwinn has 120 CP, but only 100CP to roll see above.
Noldor has 70Cp
Caevyan has 37CP

Ell has to roll at least 50, Nol 35 and Caev 18(round up)

No matter what Ell has an advantage because he has done more raids or won less items.
Then the Blastershot Launcher drops, Holllly Craaaap.

I messed around this a couple Ideas but the best thing I think would be the character to whisper the Raid Leader there Bids, then the Raid leader would Roll for them based on the Bid.
This keeps people from bidding just over the previous person that rolls, but I don't know if that is exactly wrong but blind bidding would keep everyone honest.

If there is a single Class toon in a raid and an item drops that is a CP roll they can either take an automatic 50% CP cost or they can roll from their total CP both have the same outcome math wise.
(if Ell is the only Hunter, then he can choose to lose 50 or roll out of 100)

C. Multiple Drops for one toon/class in the raid.
Thoughts to think about: if Instance CP are separated then drop rules should be separated by instance. ie a CP roll for each instance or have global CP. It seems a bit inconsistent but just a though.

I had the wonderful joy and heartache of being the only hunter in a Raid that dropped 4 Hunter eligible items. one was for a couple of Classes the other three were for just hunters.
I rolled on the first item and won it. Then some gloves dropped and I won that by default because I was the only hunter. Then this dropped. According to the rules, since I have won a CP and Default I could not get the bow, so the bow was rolled on by the rogues. Later some boots drop, I guess I got them out of pity because I was not able to get the bow. All in all, I came out of the Raid very well equipped and fairly happy but not overjoyed.

Since that Raid, multiple items have dropped for one class and either no one needs it but one person or there is only one of that class in the raid.
I don't know if these situation are just random instances or will keep happening, but the solution I would suggest would be to hold all rolls until the end of the Raid. I would have happily not rolled on the Drape if I would have a chance at the bow. I have no immediate use for the Drape because of my CC rep standings, but I could put the bow to great use, thus benefiting the Guild and that Raid.

Exception: Toon X has to leave and they want to roll on something. Everyone eligible for that item rolls and Toon X is not allowed back in the raid even if they come back online later, whether they win or not.

D. MC Raiders, hahaha
I think we have a great group of people that have a bunch of interests, and we are not forced into any one event. I enjoy doing the 20-man raid, probably more if we could shorten them a bit, and I am looking forward to the 25-man raids. I think this falls in line with where our guild is at character wise. I have heard many horror stories about MC from my wife, Caevyan and other guildies. I haven't done MC myself so I will make that judgment this coming weekend when we do our first run.

Couple of issues:
With the Xpac coming, why not continue to do well in ZG and improve in ZQ20?
Depending on how many people get the Xpac in our Guild, many people will be exploring the new 5-man instances and trying to level to 70. As long as it takes to get organized before a ZG boss, I have heard it is a lot worse in MC. I have no desire to sit around for 10minutes or longer before attacking the boss.
I guess my main issue is actively recruiting to increase our guild size when it is not going to be needed in the future and we really don't know the quality of the persons entering. Guildies inviting friends or other toons that they have an active relationship with seems to be the way to go, as opposed to posting a job application.

We will see how MC goes this weekend, but I think we should concentrate on ZG and AQ20. I think MC is a really good option once we get some toons in the upper 60s then we can do it in smaller numbers. This all depends on the new loot that is dropped from the new 5-mans because it might not matter.

E. I would think that people might get slightly upset at me because of this request but it is just a suggestion and I am just trying to improve guild dialogue.

I think that some of the chat and messaging is a bit over the top. i.e. the sexually explicit stuff. When Father says his ass hurts because of the chair that is all it means, I have no problem with making fun of him in jest (saying he has a big ass). But the way the conversation went was not in the best interest of the guild. Sometimes we can have the coolest conversation talking about Pop culture and personal interests, but I would just like to ask that the sexually explicit talk be curtailed a little. This is not a shot at anyone, any age, any gender, but just a request.

So I have said my piece so I will keep my peace.
I really enjoy being in this guild that was one awesome fight taking down Hakkar, I hope we can do it again soon.

please give me your thoughts