Sunday, January 24, 2010

Open Squid is Released!!!

Well, right before Christmas, I ordered another set of PCB's.  I seriously messed up on my first attempt, so I made sure that the second time around, the board was laid out correctly.

The whole idea came from the Squid Relay from Liquidware.  I created the first version which worked but was messy and kind of dangerous.

Here are some pics of the PCB:

Just the PCB.  I added some text and mounting holes.  More on that later.

Board fully assembled with cables attached.

Got a couple Power Strip Savers from Jameco.

Fully assembled Open Squid with cables attached.

I wanted to add some helpful features to the Squid, so I added mounting holes that will allow you to mount the Arduino above the Open Squid.  One of the guys at work helped me find some standoffs.
Here are a couple of pics:

I didn't realize that one of the mounting holes was smaller than the other ones.  I couldn't find a standoff that would fit that one, but even with only two standoffs, it is very stable.

I really want to sell this as a kit (minus the cables).  How much would you guys pay for this?  $25?  All of the files are available on my other project Mymakespace in the Open Relay Squid project.

Please give me your feedback.