Monday, February 09, 2009

A quick thought

NASA has published some great pictures(artwork) from the 70s.
I remember reading books similar to these in elementary school.

On the personal projects side,  I spend 8 hours on Saturday toiling fruitlessly on my lastest Arduino/Garden project.  I hope to get the atmega168 flashed today but we will see.

After Lunch:

Woot, I brought some arduino stuff to work so I could mess with it during lunch.  In 30 minutes, I had 4 chips flashed and 2 arduinos tested and running.  I was missing a cable for my STK500 and I found one similar.  It made flashing the chips trivial.

Now that I have work the boards working. I need to integrate two more control loops(lighting and air heating/cooling) into the current thermistor code.

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