Thursday, December 06, 2007

I know that I just pointed out the obvious when I made the predictions in my last blog, but it is cool to see some of this stuff happen.

Here are a series of articles pertaining to Verizon Wireless network, Google Android, and the 700MHz Spectrum auction.

Verizon Wireless announces that they are opening their network.

Verizon Wireless Embraces Android

Google Confirms they are bidding on the 700MHz Spectrum.

A look at what Google phones are going to look like.

There is another article somewhere, maybe one of the above that says that Google has a working version of Android on a 700MHz broadband device. I know a lot of people (at least in the tech boards that I read) think that Verizon is a horrible company and that this is just one of their evil ploys. I guess I have had so much trouble with AT&T and Comcast that I don't think as badly of Verizon. I am really glad that they did this. AT&T cannot continue their exclusivity deal with Apple. I hope that Verizon learns that they can get a lot more customers by being open, but in the end it is a business and that's a hard road to walk.

Well, that is about all for this post. Noelle and I are going on a cruise in a week for our 5th Anniversary. It is unreal to think that we are going on the cruise and that we have been married for 5 years. As I tell Noelle, I hope God gives us 50 more years of marriage.
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