Monday, February 02, 2009

The unexpected joys of home ownership

One of the unexpected joys of home ownership, as well as the fact we live farther out in the "boonies," is the great view of the sky.  We have a big sliding glass door on the back of our house that faces south.  I am constantly amazed by the stars, the moon, and the planets that float above.  My favorite constellation, Orion (I think that should be a requirement of a nerd.), can easily be seen almost all night.  It was really cool seeing the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus all line up a couple months ago.

Honestly, just looking up at all the stars is mind blowing.  I wonder what other people think when they look at those same stars.  One of my goals in life is to capture an asteroid and return it to earth.  If I last as long as my grandparents, I have a little under 60 years to pull this off.  That's a huge amount of time, but it is a monstrous undertaking.

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Ellisha said...

how do you catch an asteroid and return it to earth? spaceship??