Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sports update:

I was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin so it pains me to see the Packers doing so badly. (My Grandparents have season tickets and they live 3 blocks from the stadium) But on the awesome and cool side of things, if the Packers had not had so many injuries the running back Sam (Samkon) Gado would not have been able to play. I don't want to be one of those people who act like person X has been their best buddy since kindergarten so I won't. Sam went to the same high school and was in the youth group at the same time as me, granted I am a couple of years older than him. The success that he has had could not have happened to a better guy. I hope that he continues to improve and that the Packers will be able to sign him and improve overall when the draft comes around.

The last couple of weeks in the NFL have been more entertaining, mainly because College Football has had a break. I always enjoy the predicting and analysis of the playoff run. This year I hope that the Colts win it all, I would like for them to be able to go undefeated but that is not important in the long run. I guess Colts vs. Seahawks would be an interesting SuperBowl but is seems very foreign to me.

College football season is great. The BCS sucks. I was praying in the last weeks of the season that SoCal or Texas or even better, both would lose. But alas the both won out, even though there were, in my opinion, some really bad missed holding calls on some of Reggie Bush's “unbelievable” runs. I hope that the Texas/SoCal game is the ugliest game of all time, 4-5 turnovers each team and a 12-10 final score. I think that the BCS is going to go to a 4-team playoff in a couple of years with the 4 plus 1 formula. Personally I think the season should be cut back the 11 games having only one bye week, then have conference championships, then a 12-team playoff. (Notre Dame would be forced to join the Big 10/11) How many people would love to see Miami/Auburn and Georgia/VT? Can LSU @ the 12 seed run the table? I think that anyone of those teams could win the championship. I am just glad that my team the first USC (University of South Carolina) got to go to a bowl game even if it is the Independence Bowl. Hopefully we can win that game and get some good recruits.

On the fun stuff, The World Cup draw was done on Friday. The US got into a group with the Czech Republic, Italy and Ghana. This group is definitely going to be called the "Group of Death". I think this is a great opportunity to show off to the world how much the we care about Soccer as a Nation. I am looking forward to watching those games even those it is going to be hard to watch the up coming world cup (while I am at work) than it was to watch the one in 2002(while I should have slept). I always love the World Cup experience. I have been trying to watch and keep up with European soccer more, the Champions league final last may, was one of the awesomest game I have ever seen. I hope I will be able to watch some more this coming spring.

The other day I saw some kind of advertisement or something to do with the Olympics, which had totally slipped my mind. I am very grateful for the Olympics because it will help to make up for the void that is Winter/Spring sports in the US. i.e. NBA sucks. The Olympics will end right before March Madness and hopefully as I said above European football with carry me through to the end of May. And then the World Cup starts. This should be a great year in sports.

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