Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It has been a while

Well it has been awhile since I posted, so let see what is going on.  In the sports world, BCS bowls happened, the SuperBowl happens this weekend and the Olympics starts in a couple weeks.  We hit a slow part of the sports calendar so I am not very opinionated about the sports right now.  I think signing day is today in College football, it would be nice if USC (South Carolina) could get some good recruits.  

Well on the WoW front, my wife and I both started PvP this past weekend.  I had been trying to get into the battlegrounds but my character was in the 30s(there are 60 levels in WoW).  I hit 40 on Sunday and I played Warsong Gulch like 6 times, 3 wins, 3 loses.  I was skeptical about how much fun it would be but once you get playing it starts to be addictive.  My wife is a good 10 levels above me but she played at 49.  She has had problems getting in since she hit 50.  I really want to get to 60 but I just don’t seem to play enough to get there faster.  We have owned the game since August and we took a month off when we moved so we have been playing about 5 months but I guess since we are sharing an account that is not bad.

I have been working on a couple of other ideas.  I have all these harebrained schemes but I seem to never follow thought with them or start them and don’t finish them.  I got three projects going right now.  The first is my Sports league wiki site.  When I moved here (to Virginia), I really wanted to get involved in the community especially in flag football and soccer indoor or outdoor.  I had a really hard time finding organization online with clear information about the leagues in this area.  The goal of this website is to facilitate communication between player and clubs of all kinds hopefully expanding to any state and city that anybody wants to post. I got the Media wiki software up and running on the site and that was not as hard as I thought but I am having a hard time inputting data and making the site look the way I want it to.  The hardest part is just working on it period after work my wife and I have diner and either watch TV together or one of us plays WoW, but the social tendencies of two jerds (see definition below) is another issue.

The second project is pretty crazy.  After seeing a PBS or discovery channel story about using a gas cannon to put objects into low orbit, I got the idea that I should build one myself, a small one.  I have started a project using Basecamp, which is a pretty cool site.  I have put some basic goals and tasks up there but I don’t know how far it is going to go.  My wife and I live in a small apartment so there is no room for tinkering with 4 feet of steel pipe. Maybe I can find a workshop or someplace to mess around with this Idea.  

The final and most realistic of the projects:  I purchased Bio Dome from Parkseed.  I have started some strawberries and tomato plants.  Both are doing fairly well, the tomato plants are getting bigger and starting to lean/fall over so I don’t know what to do about this but hopefully I will have better results than last year.  Once the tomato plants get bigger I am think of putting them in 3 litter bottles or gallon jugs so that it will not make a mess in the apartment.  Being farther north and our apartment is not in the best sun position I don’t know how much sun light we are going to get on our porch.  I am hoping as we get closer to spring and summer solace that the angle will improve.  Last year all the seed that I planted died and I order some strawberries plants which did pretty well but only a couple of strawberry were produced, I may have water them too much.

Well as I have taken up over a page in Word I guess that I have been very long winded so I bid everyone one Adieu.

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