Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Number 2

Well there is a myriad of topics that I could talk about. I am a big fan of Slashdot. It is a pretty good site for people seeking the inner nerd. The articles are very informative but the posters (not necessarily the editors) are very opinionated, so don't be surprised about anything. There was a recent article that was about creating your own MMORPG. My wife and I enjoy playing WoW and I played a little Ultima Online back in college. Some of the ideas and other mmorgps that are in the article are very interesting. I have always what to make a game in the genre of FF/Crono trigger, Sega games: Warsong = Langrisser (japan), Shining Force, Dark Wizard(Sega CD) Later on UO, Warcraft II and as off late WoW. My entire life I have made up all sorts of stuff. I really enjoy creating things, I like to build/design PCBs, programming, even gardening and cooking are inventing to me. The central theme to my mmorpg would be interaction of thousands of items to create anything (stick + vines + stone = crude hammer/bludgeon) thus altering the world and your character. Since playing WoW I like some ideas i.e. mining nodes but I would make the contents of the node larger and more variable. I am a very big thinker but I never seem to get things rolling but I guess every nerd out there runs into the same problem now and then. I may go into more detail later. Not that anyone reads this but I was thinking of starting a Sourceforge project let me know if you want to help.

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