Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"The First blog" Dum-dum dummmmm

Well Let me explain what a Jerd is? I would like to describe myself as combination of a Nerd and a Jock. I would say that I am more of a nerd than a jock but I guess that is subjective. For the record Jerd is 25% Jock and 75% Nerd.

My Jockdom: Play(ed) Soccer and Football. I still enjoy playing soccer but I seriously out of shape espically since this past Feburary when I messed up my left knee. My wife and I just moved to Northern Virginia so I am looking forward to finding a place to play indoor and/or outdoor. Love college football, hate the BCS!!!!

My Nerdom: I am an Electrical Engineer that automatically quaifies me as a nerd but I shall expound. I graduated from University of South Carolina (The first and orginal USC) in 2001. I Worked for a small company Kryotech designing microcontrollers for big temperature systems that would be used in semiconductor testing for Intel and AMD. Well the bosses did not really understand the dynamics of running a small company in SC and how to play with the Big Boys. In the end, Intel forced us to be sold to one of their buddies in San Diego. I got laid off because the product I was working on was almost done in the production cycle and they did not need me for technology transfer. One of my buddies got me a job at a computer store while I was looking for a engineering job. Currently I am working for the DoD as an electronics Engineer. And to cap that off my wonderful wife is a higher level than me on World of Warcraft, hahahaha.

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