Thursday, August 10, 2006

It has been almost three months

Over the last month Noelle and I have moved into an apartment/condo. All the apartments are old army barracks from the 40s that have been changed into condos in the last 30 years. The current landlord has not done anything to it, and most of the condo has not been updated in 20 years. It was my decision to move to this condo, so I have to lay in the bed that I have made. We have finished priming the kitchen after spending 3 weeks sanding down everything in sight. With all the work that we have done on it, it makes me want to buy the place so we could flip the house. But all the wiring needs to be redone, which would be nasty. Almost all of the outlets in the house don't have a ground, just two terminals. There was a little bubble in the ceiling in the kitchen so I started picking at it. I picked a two foot hole in the ceiling. This house is so old it does not have dry wall just the chicken wire with plaster over it. Man that stuff is dangerous. My parents came up to help us move, so my dad helped us by patching up the hole. Right now the current crisis is that it seems the tub is leaking right above that point. I think it is because the seal around the drain got damaged this weekend while I was snaking the tub pipes. I hope that is not going to be a big deal to fix -- just some caulking. It is amazing how much information is online about your house. I looked and found how much our condo is worth and how much our landlord paid for it. Even how much all the houses around us have been selling for. I would really contemplate buying the house because it would be cool, but tiring and costly to flip it! Besides, Noelle is against it since we would be living in the house at the same time.

Well, I have been teaching myself Java and MySQL. I have been messing around with the GWT
Combined with CSS(which I did not know anything about). You can make some seriously cool sites. I am working on my Maker's Forge ------> Sourceforge meets Make magazine . I think I mentioned that idea in the previous post. I have a layout,user signup, and MySQL database with a password and login stored in it. I now have it set up so that you get an email with your password if you forget it. I don't know how I am going to do some of the other stuff, but I am glad that I am making progress. I have been slacking off the last couple of weeks and need to get back on it.

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