Thursday, May 25, 2006

Well, I would like to correct something. I missed quoted where the article on distributed computing came from in my last blog. The article is on the popsci website on Make. But I probably spend more time looking at the Make blog, they have links to all these cool projects that people are working on across the world. That theme is what I had in mind with the project Tomato but that kind of bombed on me and I did not update the last stage before my plants got eaten.

Well E3 was a couple a weeks ago, I guess I would be described as a Sony person but not to the point of the Fanboy. I was looking forward to the release of the PS3 information and demos. I am not anti Xbox (both) but I just never had the desire to play them at all. I am horrible at FPS even since I played Golden Eye in college. I enjoy EA games, RPGs and strategies. At my bachelor party(Dec 2002) we only had a Xbox along with madden. Usually I am pretty good(above average) but I just could not get use to the controller and I guess that has turn me off since.

Everyone seems to be busting on the Price of the PS3, but I think it will still sellout. I think ~6 million unit from Nov06- March07. There has to be 6 million people in the world that will buy one no matter the price, especially in Japan where the Xbox has never done well. I have never bought a system right away since the Sega Genesis. So I probably will not buy any system for awhile especially since Noelle(wife) and I are addicted to WoW and I need to upgrade my PC. I am running and Athlon XP2200, 1GB ram and 6600GT. WoW does well but I having so issue with it crashing or freezing the whole system, could be Windows. I am looking at dual cores I will probably go with a AMD, I am trying to decide whether to get an Opteron or an Athlon. Newegg is awesome. I go look at the site just to salivate at all the stuff I could build.

Noelle and I put are two month notice in to the Apartment Office. We are trying to find something close to DC so we don't have to have long metro rides. I average about 45 minutes and Noelle about a little more than an hour, one way. I would like to have a room of some sort ideally a garage in the end to do some experiments and work on all the projects that I have in my head.

My main project that I keep thinking about over and over is the gas cannon. I have come up with some more ideas. I don't know if any of these ideas make mathematical sense because I have not calculated them out, there may not be any validity to any of them. The old Gas Cannon idea just used on L shaped structure. I came up with the idea why not make it an X and the base and have the launch tube come out the cross section of the X. This way the O2 and H2 can be separated and compressed and we don't have to worry about the gas combining before it get ignited. The key is getting a good seal against the rocket so that he gas can be initial compressed. Just thinking about this right now make the Mind/Brain want to explode with enthusiasm about the potential of the cannon. I dream of going to space or revoluationizing the space industry, I guess I have been reading to many Space Operas. I just finished Alastair Reynolds 4 book series and I was pretty good. I read them on the Metro going to work and back home.

Living in the DC area has two effects on you, I want to be in politics because I think I can make a difference in all the stupidity around and second you get feed up with all the BS that happens here and what you hear about on the News.

If I were to run for office I would think that I would want to do something at the state level. It seems that a Governor could see their results and would not have to deal with the politics of the whole nation. I am sure that a Governor runs into all the same things as say the President but it is on a much smaller scope, at least for smaller states ie SC.

Being an Engineer, I would like to apply my hands-on knowledge as well as general knowledge to the office with a younger view. It absolutely befudles me that there are senators and reps that have been in office longer than I have been alive(I will be 27 on the 30th). I would call my platform the Conservative Technologist. Well I started this 12 hours ago and I am finishing it now while I am in the Q for WoW.

Seeya The Dude

"My religion consists of a humble admiration of the Illimitable Superior Spirit who reveals Himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind."
Albert Einstein

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