Sunday, January 24, 2010

Open Squid is Released!!!

Well, right before Christmas, I ordered another set of PCB's.  I seriously messed up on my first attempt, so I made sure that the second time around, the board was laid out correctly.

The whole idea came from the Squid Relay from Liquidware.  I created the first version which worked but was messy and kind of dangerous.

Here are some pics of the PCB:

Just the PCB.  I added some text and mounting holes.  More on that later.

Board fully assembled with cables attached.

Got a couple Power Strip Savers from Jameco.

Fully assembled Open Squid with cables attached.

I wanted to add some helpful features to the Squid, so I added mounting holes that will allow you to mount the Arduino above the Open Squid.  One of the guys at work helped me find some standoffs.
Here are a couple of pics:

I didn't realize that one of the mounting holes was smaller than the other ones.  I couldn't find a standoff that would fit that one, but even with only two standoffs, it is very stable.

I really want to sell this as a kit (minus the cables).  How much would you guys pay for this?  $25?  All of the files are available on my other project Mymakespace in the Open Relay Squid project.

Please give me your feedback.


matthieu said...

I am very interested in your relay card to use it on 220V. Can you please tell me if you sell them already? Thank you !

Seth King said...

The current relays do not support 220AC but there are drop-in replacements that will allow you to use the board with 220ac but they are a little more expensive.

Unfortunately I have not gotten the response that I want pertaining to making the kits so they are unavailable right now.

matthieu said...

Hi, Thanks for the update. Does the change for 220V only include an update for of the relays?
To bad you do not go opensource for the board, even if you provide an option to sell directly the PCB already made. I am sure it would work too.
Please keep us updated on when the kit will be available for sale.

Seth King said...

I did open source the board. You can get the schematics and gerbers from my other project.

I opened up the forum so you should be able to download the files without signing up. As much I would like people to sign up. :)

Max said...

Do you have any more of the PCBs? i just found your blog and this thing looks awesome. I'd happily buy a kit off of you for whatever makes it worth shipping it to me.

Seth King said...

I wish I could but I did not get the demand I wanted only 2 people I need about 12 to make it cost effective for me and you.
But thanks for the offer.

Wiley said...

Too bad. I'm looking for something like this, since liquidware stopped selling the squid.

Fabs said...

Are you going to make more shields? I really like this one.