Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Make Space

So a couple of weeks ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed.  For some reason, that weekend I just got feed up with the inactivity in my life(in many areas).

One of the crazy things that happened is that I have stopped playing WoW cold turkey.  During that time I have been working on a project that I have mentioned on the blog before Mymakespace.  One interesting repercussion of this change is that I can't get any sleep, haha.

I will give everyone a recap: Mymakespace is a collaborative project social network. Mymakespace will combine collaborative software project sites like Sourceforge + environment and attitude of Make.

In the past I looked into a open source version of sourceforge called Gforge, but it was overly complicated.  I looked into and got elgg running(kind of) on my home lamp stack.  The documentation was very weak and there just did not seem to be a community around it.  So along comes buddypress,

Buddypress is just a bunch of plugins for Wordpress MU.  Wordpress MU is just the multi-user edition of wordpress similar to what runs.

Wordpress MU and Buddypress are quite easy to setup.  The hardest part was getting the email to work. In the end, I just used one of my gmail accounts with smtp.
So here is my first/continual attempt: Mymakespace
Most of the changes have been done very ad hoc and probably not in the correct manner.  I have changed Groups to Projects.  Projects will be the focal point of the site.

So far only a couple of friends and family have signed up but this is just a Proof of Concept and I am just an EE with little web programming experience so test it out and give me some feedback.

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