Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well, I got some seriously cool stuff for Christmas, but I will go into that later when I have the pics from the camera. But I guess I have been on a New Year's resolutions kick over the past few days, or I have had too much free time at work. Either way some of the following tools could be helpful to you. I have heard of Getting Things Done before, but it was a wiki version and just took too much work to edit it. The whole process is still a little fuzzy, but I found a cool tool that makes it easier. GTDgmail is a plugin for Firefox that turns Gmail into a reminder or organizer of sorts. Basically, all it does is allow you to send yourself emails with labels (that you create) to break down your project into easy steps. I started with some basic ones such as "build legs for desk". When you are done with them, you change the label and move on to the next one.

The next site/web app is Joe's Goals. It is simple little app that lets you create small goals that you need to accomplish every day (i.e. - run) and give them + points or things you wish to avoid (i.e. - drinking soda in my case) and give them - points. Then it adds all your positive and negative points up for you. It is a cute little way to see if you are doing your daily tasks and avoiding your weaknesses. It even has an email reminder than can send you an email if you don't check it after X amount of time.

This one(The Couch-to-5K Running Plan) is more of a guide than an app. I cannot really apply it until my knee is a little more stable, but I hope to use it by February.

The last one is probably going to be the most helpful. Fitday is a site that allows you to log your meals. It calculates the calories and other nutritional information. It has a pretty big library of foods, but you can add your own custom ones. (It is pretty easy to find nutritional information on the web these days.)

I hope that I can keep at least some of these things up, but you know how New Year's resolutions go. Maybe there will be some cooler apps next year.

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Joelle said...

I love the couch to 5k! I started using it last year and loved it. Didn't actually finish, but it is a great training program.