Thursday, November 30, 2006

What's up ppl?

I have no idea how many people even read my blog, but I will still forge on.

Not that much has happened over the last two months. I had knee surgery in October so I am still limping around a little. My main concern is that I am healthy by June for Amazing Race. Noelle and I are going to apply to be on the show. We will see what happens, but you never know...Someone has to be on the show.

The remodeling of the house has stepped up a notch. Noelle has almost finished the Living and Dining rooms, and I bought a bunch of wood to build my desk, so that is encouraging. I will post the process of building the desk, along with pictures. Maybe I can get on the Make blog, which would be cool.

One cool thing is that Instructables implemented a version of my Maker's Forge idea. You can have your project listed as a collaberation so other people can join. The only issue I have is that it seems you have to have a good portion of the project started, and there is no way of advertising roles that are needed. However, it is a great step in the direction that I envisioned.

If I can get the desk done by Christmas, I am hoping to set up a little electronics work bench. I am hoping to get a Fluke DMM for Christmas and maybe a soldering iron and an Arduino.

The ultimate goal would be to create a little garden with some sensors in it. Temperature, mositure, then a watering device. It would be awesome to create some sort of robot that could pick the fruit, i.e. strawberries. The biggest problem that I have with robotics is that good GPS is very expensive, i.e. +- 2-3 inches. I think if there was a cheaper solution, then this would revolutionize the medium size robotics industry -- lawnmowers, street cleaners, even something like a strawberry picker in a large field.

P.S. -- Noelle did all my spelling and grammar checking, so hopefully this reads alot better than some of my other posts.

Take em' to the bridge

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